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Meet your team

Your Celebrants

Lea Duffy


Lea has a warm and engaging personality who oozes confidence. But always ensures it’s her couples that shine on their special day.

Lea’s experience and knowledge is second to none, having been a registered Celebrant for 14 years. Beginning her career in the beautiful Whitsundays she has conducted over 1700 ceremonies.


Lea prides herself on great communications skills and her ability put her couples at ease, bringing a sense of calm and organisation to their special day. Lea is a great listener who enjoys adding personal touches throughout the ceremony making your day memorable for all the right reasons. Find out more about Lea here.


Anita Jenkins

Anita is an award-winning and vibrant celebrant, whose love of public speaking and storytelling help her to deliver your perfect wedding ceremony.

With a background in events management, she understands the big picture as well as the detail, consistently goes above and beyond for her clients and making sure that they enjoy every step of their journey.


Her couples mean everything to her and she works tirelessly for each of them to ensure their wedding day is one that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Find out more about Anita here.


Your Photographers


Mike Atchison

Since stepping into the wedding world in 2018, I've been helping couples celebrate their special day with chilled vibes, allowing them to relax and be their true selves in front of the camera.


 From the heartfelt, mushy moments to the awesome unscripted fun, my goal is to capture the authenticity of your story. So let's ditch the traditional and embrace the awesomeness that makes you and your wedding day unique. 


With a relaxed yet professional approach, and a passion for storytelling, my aim is to deliver a gallery of images that reflects the true essence of your big day. You can trust me to capture the moments that reflect your authentic selves.

Let’s go!!! 

Find out more about Mike here.


Louisa Jones

With 14 years of weddings photography experience, Louisa provides a fun and relaxed time during your photos.  Capturing happy natural images whilst having a bit of a laugh your wedding photos will be about you and your love for each other with a little bit of extra creativity.


Louisa loves taking photos of intimate weddings but ultimately tries not to be a third wheel. Awkward! In all seriousness, for Louisa, the coveted goal for your wedding photography is providing beautiful and unique images that celebrate the love and commitment between the two of you and your loved ones.

Find out more about Louisa here.


Ashleigh Kennedy


From a young age, Ashleigh always saw herself as a Photographer. After buying her first camera, Ashleigh fell in love with photographing people in that raw moment, capturing their distinct personalities in real imagery.


Ashleigh started her career as a photographer with a background in documentary photography, later applying these skills as a sought-after wedding photographer.

 "I like to work with my clients to capture their own unique personal style and really tell the story of their wedding as a couple. "

Find out more about Ashleigh here.


Trung Truong

Trung is an international artist and photographer, with a background in fine art, painting and photography, as well as architecture.

Trung strives to perfect each shot, blending natural and artificial lighting to create unique and memorable images.


His wedding style is personal, natural and realistic. He achieves this through a combination of traditional portraiture and modern journalism photography styles,


(In addition, Trung owns the fabulous ‘Fat Fox Art Gallery’, where we can offer an elopement style wedding for up to 15 guests including venue, ceremony and photography. Please enquire directly for further details)

Find out more about Trung here.


It’s in those special moments when two people come together with integrity  love, and commitment that magic happens. We are passionate about helping to create beautiful intimate weddings and special memories to last a lifetime.


Newlywed Couple
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